Reinstating stair handrail and spindles in Southampton

The previous owner of this property had removed the handrail and spindles, the new owner wanted them put back.

Because the newel post had been completely removed I had to machine one from 100mmx100mm stock to fit into the stud wall cavity  with an angled mortice to cover the stair string, then a wider than usual base rail needed to be machined to cover the stud wall. The handrail was a stock item from a supplier, the spindles were machined on site with a stopped chamfer.

handrail_spindles_southampton reinstating_stair_handrail_southampton reinstating_stair_southampton reinstating_handrail_spindles_southampton

New for old: Replacing Window Frames

The wooden frames to this turn of the 20th century property were in a remarkable condition, the owner had records going back to 1930 showing a schedule of maintenance, the house had been in the family since it was built! however the openers to three frames had rotted and required replacement, they were very keen not to have plastic replacements which incidentally two builders whom had been approached had stated was the ‘only way to go with this’. Here you can see the manufacture and fitting of replacement timber openers, I copied the original mouldings in order for the end product to be an exact copy of the original.

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Handrail and Spindles

The hardwood handrail and spindles were stained and painted prior to installing them, this makes for a lovely crisp finish, spindles chosen here are  Hemlock 41 mm colonial whilst the handrail and base rail are Sappeli, originally the whole stair was boarded, the original newel posts were used with the top sanded back ready for staining  so that it matches the handrail by a painter.
staircase before staircase after staircase after 2 staircase after 4

Grilled door wardrobe with drawers.

wardrobe 1 wardrobe 4
A two door, four drawer wardrobe built into an alcove, the advantage of grilled doors is that the contents of the wardrobe are aired so you avoid that musty smell that sometimes occurs in wardrobes, particularly if that wardrobe is built against an external wall. This format of two doors to the left and right hand with drawers in the middle makes full use of the space provided the drawers are fairly deep 300 mm, giving lots of space to store clothes.Internally there are hanging rails on both sides along with shelves. Constructed from 18 mm MDF with softwood lipping on all exposed edges and joinery grade Redwood for the doors, the grills available in several patterns are 8mm MDF.

Bench design

This bench is made from a staved beech worktop with a beech slip at the end of the boards to prevent bowing. Staved worktops are available in a number of hardwoods and also in softwood, and can be used, as this example shows, for one off-furniture pieces. If you have an idea for a one-off unique piece, I will be happy to discuss this with you.

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Furniture repair

This chair, one of a set of six, had a broken back. It had been repaired before but the glue and the doweling was not adequate. I tackled this repair by using the repair dowels as a sleeve for the replacement dowels and used dowels 3” long. All the old glue had to be scraped off the joints and then the whole lot was glued up and cramped using a Spanish tourniquet and a stiffener to prevent the back from being out of line.

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Storage Unit

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Media storage centre. This is a good use of a corner of a room, the drawers contain the cd’s and dvd’s, there is a section for vinyl and a bookcase. Note the underbookcase insert for cable management and the raised table for the t.v. and the space under that for the inevitable ‘box of tricks’ . This was constructed out of American White Oak veneered MDF and solid oak drawers with all edges lipped in solid oak. The customer is finishing the project in a wax or clear polish.

Chimney breast storage cupboards

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Chimney breast storage cupboards with floating shelves. Filling in each side of a chimney breast has its advantages, tidying up an otherwise cluttered room, storage like this enables the usual stuff like t.v. and music centres to be accommodated whilst inside the cupboard the broadband box (never a pretty thing to look at) and cables are all out of sight. The floating shelves above are useful for books, ornaments or such like. With these particular cupboards the doors rather than being similar to a Shaker design are beaded with a miniature. Torus moulding that matches joinery detail within the room and also ‘softens’ the overall visual impact. The side cheeks either side of the shelves finish off the project nicely.