Continuous Handrail.

An elderly customer required a continuous handrail from the top to thebottom of a winding staircase. This was essential as they found itdifficult to let go and remain steady before grabbing the nextsection. By providing this handrail the customer can now use theupstairs rooms as they were confined essentially to the ground floor.The mopstick handrailContinue reading “Continuous Handrail.”

Mopstick Handrail

This Softwood Mopstick handrail with black brackets fitted to an elderly gentleman’s staircase in Southampton. As I have said in past posts none of us are getting younger. The customer gratefully informed me that having this handrail will enable him to remain in his home of 55years. He was finding it increasingly difficult to manageContinue reading “Mopstick Handrail”

Unpainted Crown Cap Handrail

This crown cap handrail was left unpainted so that the grain and beauty of the wood can be seen, with this in mind I took my time selecting the wood for a clean straight grain without any knots. The sweep from the bottom of the stairs to the top is unbroken therefore there are noContinue reading “Unpainted Crown Cap Handrail”

Stair refurbishment in Southampton

The above is a boarded stair, as opposed to using spindle’s, this was popular in the 1970s and 80s. It is no longer allowed unless the gap between each board or boards and hand/base rail is less than 100mm (4”) . This regulation applies to spindles as well. The regulation prevents the potential for youngContinue reading “Stair refurbishment in Southampton”

Reinstating stair handrail and spindles in Southampton

The previous owner of this property had removed the handrail and spindles, the new owner wanted them put back. Because the newel post had been completely removed I had to machine one from 100mmx100mm stock to fit into the stud wall cavity  with an angled mortice to cover the stair string, then a wider thanContinue reading “Reinstating stair handrail and spindles in Southampton”