Continuous Handrail.

An elderly customer required a continuous handrail from the top to thebottom of a winding staircase. This was essential as they found itdifficult to let go and remain steady before grabbing the nextsection. By providing this handrail the customer can now use theupstairs rooms as they were confined essentially to the ground floor.The mopstick handrailContinue reading “Continuous Handrail.”

Replacement Porch in Southampton

I was asked over the phone to do a repair. On my visit it soon became obvious this porch was way beyond repair. The roofing felt had perished letting in the rain which resulted in a completely rotten ceiling and structure. I increased the pitch so that rain would actually run off and not pool.Continue reading “Replacement Porch in Southampton”

Storage/Display drawers

Oak comes in an infinite range of shades and grain structures. I  explained this to the customer who replied ‘The more contrast in the wood the better’.  This set of storage/display drawers are made with solid Oak drawers, top and legs.And a combination of solid and OAK veneered MDF used for the main carcass.A particularly delicate pieceContinue reading “Storage/Display drawers”

Furniture panels with AirTec Edging – Custom built Furniture and storage Cupboards

The industry standard is to use cams and locking pins to assemble furniture boards together. We have all seen them and probably used them when we buy flat pack furniture to assemble at home. They work and have the added convenience that with care you can dismantle and reassemble the furniture if you move houseContinue reading “Furniture panels with AirTec Edging – Custom built Furniture and storage Cupboards”