Furniture repair

This chair, one of a set of six, had a broken back. It had been repaired before but the glue and the doweling was not adequate. I tackled this repair by using the repair dowels as a sleeve for the replacement dowels and used dowels 3” long. All the old glue had to be scraped off the joints and then the whole lot was glued up and cramped using a Spanish tourniquet and a stiffener to prevent the back from being out of line.

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About southamptoncarpenter

Starting with a 5 year boat building apprenticeship and a further 2 years training as a wood machinist then a further 4 years working for a small independent company restoring furniture and manufacturing reproduction antique clocks, and then 10 years in a therapeutic teaching environment passing on my skills I have been a self employed sole trader for over 15yrs so with well over thirty years experience in carpentry, and fully functioning static and mobile workshops, I am able to offer all aspects of bespoke carpentry and joinery, as well as standard refurbishments in your home, including doors, stairs, windows, skirting, furniture repairs, flooring, wardrobes, and general repairs and renovations.